Career Compass


You decide your wind and which port you will sail to.


The definition of a “successful career” varies according to the person. One of the biggest challenges with your career may be determining what success means to you, as opposed to what success has been imposed on you by family, society, and other external factors. You can take a look at some of the tips and tools our Career Support Center has created for you to help you identify and achieve what your successful career means.

As you advance into your career, you can benefit from the experiences of people who have swam in the same waters and find what you are looking for in inspiring connections.

Thousands of people from universities want to graduate and enter business life every year. The biggest problem you will face when choosing your career is deciding which career is best for you.

Studies conducted with students show that students lack knowledge about job choice, have conflict choice anxiety, have negative attitudes, feel inadequate, and have a fatalistic attitude. Individuals who are unstable about career can be said to have avoidance beliefs, doubts about themselves, perceptions of more obstacles, think they have less control over problems, and rely more on external support and experts (Liu, 2003). It was stated by the experts that individuals who use negative expressions about professional choices have more difficulty in solving career problems and making decisions (Sampson et al., 1996).

Do not make these sentences to yourself;

  • I don’t even know what I want to do yet,
  • I can’t do what I really want to do
  • I will not be successful in this field,
  • Now it’s hard to find the job you want,
  • I need torpedo.

Negative thoughts will affect you negatively and prevent you from taking action.Starting with positive-realistic thoughts positively affects the result.

Make these sentences for yourself;

  • I will choose a job that I love and use my skills
  • I can make a plan and improve myself in this direction to get the job I want.

What Should You Pay Attention To While Watching Your Career Compass?

1- Think about the environment you want to work in

What kind of environment do you want to pursue your career in, outdoor or office space, hospital or travel?

2- Determine what interests you

Do you want to drive, help people, care for animals, care for the sick or an exciting career? How much do you care if your hand is clean or dirty?

3- Ask yourself a question about working hours

How long do you tolerate working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week, constantly changing working hours day and night, or working overtime during the week. How much will your preference affect your social life, for example; You may have to work while your friends are having fun at the clubs.

4- Decide what your expectations are

How much do you intend to progress in your career, do you want to reach the top? What do you need to do and what kind of competencies do you need to reach the point you want?

5- Clothing style

Do you love the idea of wearing a uniform or want to dress beautifully for work?

6- Mental effort

Do you want a career where you always have to use your mind and face new challenges every day? How interested are you in learning new techniques that constantly broaden your perspective on life?

All of the above are issues to consider when choosing a career, but there will be other things to consider. Once it’s running, other factors come into play. Health benefits, retirement, additional benefits, situational and annual leave are just a few of them. One of the biggest problems that can be encountered is that there are not many good career opportunities suitable for the person. This is really bad enough. It is important to be one of the few people who know what career they want. Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to achieve success in our career. When deciding on a career, the most important thing to remember is that we have about forty years before retiring. This is quite a long time to regret.

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that thousands of people around the world resign from their jobs every day of the week because they are not satisfied with the working conditions and environment. They just try to find a job elsewhere that they really love. Often times this is never possible and so this cycle and problems go on and on.

If you cannot find a profession that you love and are excited about, this never-ending quest will continue, you will only experience more disappointment. To use a better word, you just spend time until you retire. Of course, by the time you retire, you will hate different professions and everything connected with them. For a fulfilling and full life, you must find a career that you love, thrill and look forward to going to work and gaining knowledge and skills. Experiences that will not only gain new knowledge and skills in the business environment, but also broaden your view of life with the desire to learn something new every day and motivate you.

Everyone in the world has a goal in life, although we are not aware of it at the moment. The main thing is to find this goal that will give you a satisfying life. Also, you need to give your life a direction, or how will you know that you are on the right track to achieve the lifestyle you love? Your business life is just beginning and there is still a long way to go. Any help and guidance you receive should be constructive, and you should always have in your heart what you care about most. Your supporters should leave the final decision on which career to pursue up to you. This is for that instant benefit, but also for the benefit of your future family life. We can say that; The transition from student to business life can be dramatic. After the student years with comfortable, plenty of vacation and fun times, a sudden transition to this life with strict rules, work to be done, time-dependent work, completion dates to be considered, goals to be achieved may not always be easy.

However, the first interview is one of the most important. Once you’ve decided on a career, the main challenge to come is dealing with it. When leaving the interview room, it is important to leave the impression of the interviewer in the mind of the most suitable person to fill the vacant position. On the other hand, interviews can sometimes be really troublesome and even turn into a nightmare. The main point to consider is the role of all these pursuits in making your life.

Therefore, it is very important that you choose the career that motivates and excites you. You may not be able to get a job that suits your dream career right away. Beyond that, what you really need to know is what you really want to achieve in your life. Make sure you are in the right career and stay away from traveling in the wrong direction as you embark on your business journey.